Weekday Pennant Grand Finals

Congratulations to Axedale who won Division 1 and Division 2 Pennant finals played today at Belvoir Park.

The weather was fine and pennant players not in the finals played a Stableford event and enjoyed the presentations. Elizabeth Garlick won A Grade and Faye Reid won B Grade.

Huge thanks to Belvoir for hosting the event.

Thanks to Jamie Ward for co-ordinating pennant this year.

Grand Final Results

Week Day Pennant – Grand Finals

On Monday the last round of pennant was played – at Neangar Park.

Grand Finals will be played at Belvoir park next Monday.

9.30 am – Division 2 – Axedale versus Rochester.

10.00 am – Division 1 – Axedale versus Bendigo.

Any interested players are welcome to play in a Stableford event at Belvoir Park. Field will hit off from 9 am.

Thanks to all clubs for hosting. We have been very fortunate with excellent weather for all rounds.

Best of luck to finalists.

Final ladders are attached.


Weekday Pennant – Round 4

Another great day for pennant. Thanks to Belvoir Park for hosting.

Next week is the final round for the season. While Axedale holds top spot in both divisions, second place is up for grabs.

Neangar Park will host next week.

Final venue will be announced when ladders are finalised.

Results and Ladders after Round 4

Weekday Pennant Results and Ladders Round 3

Teams travelled to Kyneton yesterday for Round 3 of Weekday Pennant.

The competitions are very close with Axedale being the only undefeated teams at this point.

Next week will be hosted by Belvoir Park. Let’s hope the excellent weather continues.


Weekday Pennant

Two rounds of Weekday Pennant have been played.

The weather has been excellent and there have been good matches.

Next week teams will travel to Kyneton.

Best of luck to all players.


Weekday Pennant starting April 8th

Weekday Pennant begins on Monday April 8th. Matches will be played at Bendigo GC.

There are five teams contesting Division 1.

There are six teams contesting Division 2.

Golf Central Victoria wishes all players an enjoyable season.

Good hitting everyone!

GCV Weekday Pennant 2024 Conditions Final


GCV Mid Week Pennant 2024 Div 1 Draw


GCV Midweek Pennant Draw 2024 Div 2

Sunday Pennant final results


The GCV Sunday Pennant finals were played this morning in perfect conditions at Castlemaine Golf Club.

Thanks to all players who participated over the 6 weeks of competition and to all pennant organisers within the clubs that participated.

A special mention to Jamie Ward from the Pennant Match Committee who did a mountain of work behind the scenes and to all of our host clubs.

Congratulations to today’s winners:

Division 1 – Neangar Park Green defeated Axedale 4/1

Division 2 – Heathcote defeated Belvoir Park 4/1

Division 3 – Bendigo White defeated Bendigo Blue 3/2

Open Division 1 – Belvoir Park defeated Castlemaine 4/1

Open Division 2 – Mitiamo defeated  Heathcote 3/2

GCV Sunday Pennant 2024 results – Final at Castlemaine

GCV Sunday Pennant results and ladders round 5

The round robin roster is over, and the finalists have been decided. Thanks to the host clubs this week, Neangar Park, Belvoir Park and Heathcote and all other clubs that have hosted during the season.

Congratulations to the finalists and here are tee times for next Sunday:

Division 1 – 1st tee at 9,20 am Neangar Park Green v Axedale

Division 2 – 10th tee at 8.20  Heathcote v Belvoir Park

Division 3 – 1st tee at 8.40 am Bendigo Blue v Bendigo White

Open Division 1 – 1st tee at 8.00 am Castlemaine v Belvoir Park

Open Division 2 – 10th tee at 9.00 am Heathcote v Mitiamo

Click on the links below for round 5 results and final ladders:

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 5 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 5 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladders after round 4

Below are the ladders for all divisions after round 4, with one round to go on March 17.

In Division 1, four teams can still qualify, namely Neangar Park Green, Axedale, Belvoir Park and mathematically possible for Castlemaine to sneak in.

In Division 2, Heathcote have already qualified, and second place is between Belvoir Park, Bendigo and Axedale.

In Division 3, Bendigo White have definitely qualified for the final and most likely Bendigo Blue, but it is still mathematically possible for Neangar Park to make it.

In Open Division 1, Castlemaine have qualified, and second place is between Belvoir Park, Rochester and Marong whilst in Open Division 2, Heathcote are looking good, but it is still possible for Neangar Park Green, Mitiamo or Bendigo White to oust them.

Here are the ladders:

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 4 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 4 2024

Round 4 of Sunday Pennant was completed last Sunday at Heathcote, Axedale and Neangar Park. Thanks again to these host clubs and congratulations to the following winning teams:

Division 1 – Neangar Park Green, Belvoir Park and Castlemaine

Division 2 – Heathcote and Kyneton, whilst Belvoir Park and Bendigo had a draw

Division 3 – Bendigo White, Bendigo Blue and Axedale

Open division 1 – Marong, Castlemaine and Belvoir Park

Open division 2 – Axedale, Heathcote and Neangar Park Green

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 4 2024

The ladders will be published in the day or two.

Please note that there is now a 2-week hiatus before the 5th and final round on March 17th and then the finals on March 24th.

Sunday Pennant results and ladders round 3

Another perfect day for golf at Axedale, Castlemaine and Quarry Hill. Most teams in all divisions can still make the final, so next week should be very interesting.

Winning teams this week:

Division 1 – Neangar Park Green, Axedale and Belvoir Park

Division 2 – Bendigo, Axedale and Heathcote

Division 3 – Kyneton, Bendigo Blue and a draw between Axedale and Bendigo Blue

Open Division 1 – Rochester, Belvoir Park and Castlemaine

Open Division 2 – Heathcote, Mitiamo and a draw between Neangar Park Green and Axedale

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 3 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 3 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant results and ladders round 2 2024

Round 2 was played in very pleasant conditions at Axedale, Kyneton and Bendigo courses. Thanks again to host clubs for your hospitality and making your courses available.

Some close battles, especially in division 1 where two of the three matches were drawn.

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 2 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 2 2024  

This Sunday sees Division 1 and 2 at Belvoir Park, Division 3 and Open 1 at Castlemaine and Open 2 at Quarry Hill.

Complaints noted about slow play in Sunday Pennant

As a result of complaints received by the GCV Match Committee, all host clubs will be required to have a course Marshall to keep an eye on pace of play.

Any groups noted to be slow playing groups that fall behind more than one hole, will receive one warning to catch up within 20 minutes. (from the Course Marshall or on course GCV match committee member)

If the group fails to do so, within the allocated time 20-minute frame, the group in question will be instructed to walk the upcoming holes until the correct position in the field is obtained. These holes will be forfeited from play. (e.g., a match may only play 15/16 holes instead of the allocated 18.)

Any disputes on this matter need to be taken up with the GCV Match Committee on the day. The GVC Match Committee has the final say on any outcome.

Sunday Pennant results round 1 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant got under way in perfect conditions today, and thankfully a morning start ensured players enjoyed cooler conditions before the heat set in.

Thanks to host clubs Bendigo, Neangar Park and a special mention to Marong, who came to the rescue when we had too many teams to fit onto two courses.

It’s a great problem for the district to have with more and more players wanting to participate in pennant.

Here are the results from today and ladders after round 1:

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 1 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 1 2024

Golf Central Victoria Sunday Pennant fixtures and playing conditions 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant conditions 2024


The 2024 Sunday Pennant season is just about upon us, commencing this Sunday, February 4. From the Pennant match committee, our apologies for the late finalisation of the draw however, it has been beyond our control, with a combination of an unprecendted number of teams, shortage of courses available and a last minute need to find five extra courses to fit all the matches on!

Anyway, we got there and are looking forward to a great season ahead. There have been a number of changes to Sunday Pennant this year, the main one being the move to a February start and a morning rather than midday start.

A summary of changes for the 2024 season is set out below, along with important information to allow for hassle-free running.  A copy of the completed draw is attached as a separate file.



A complete set of playing conditions for 2024 will be forwarded to your club and posted to the GCV website in the coming days.  Of particular note is the following:

Tee times are in the AM timeslot.  Please arrive at your respective course AND tee-off within your allocated time frames.  (Penalties exist for players presenting late to the tee within existing GCV pennant conditions – loss of first hole, match if over ten mins late, etc.)

No matches are to proceed beyond 18 holes.  Should a match be all square at hole # 18 captains are to record the result as A/S on the results sheet. Similarly, should a contest end 2.5 – 2.5 the overall result is to be recorded as ALL SQUARE (A/S).


TEES – Men are to play from (or near to) the applicable “Championship” tees on the particular course of play (traditionally black / blue colour), women are to play from their particular championship teeing grounds (traditionally / commonly red).  Daily handicaps are to be adjusted from the respective handicap adjustment sheets applicable to the course.

PAYMENT:  Clubs are reminded to enter payment for ALL teams ($50 per team) .  These payments are due prior to the commencement of ROUND 2 on 11 February.

GCV Bank details:  BSB:633000 Golf Central Victoria Account No. 154777379

Should a receipt be required please request same via the GCV Secretary / Treasurer.

Any team withdrawing from any contest will be required to fulfil the respective financial obligation with respect to that contest, plus the financial obligation of their opponent (IE $100 per match forfeited).

Teams withdrawing from the 2024 GCV Pennant Competition after 29/01/2024 will be required to fulfil ALL financial obligations respective to the season ($550).


All Captains are reminded to have on hand (in Divisions 2, 3 and Open) your team’s GA handicaps.  These, along with calculating your player’s daily handicaps in Division 3 and Open, will be required when completing team sheets.  Daily handicap calculators must be readily available with the starter at each host club.

Any incorrectly ordered players will result in the match being awarded to the opposing team 5 & 4.

Captains are reminded to promptly AND NEATLY complete team sheets with players FULL NAME and submit playing fees ($50 in CASH) when finalising entries with the starter no later than 10 minutes prior to the first match hitting off (30 minutes in finals).

**Note – fees for players representing a team at their home course is at the discretion of the home course committee.


Start times will be posted on respective draws by the GCV match committee.  Players are reminded that arrival at the tee more than 5 minutes late results in the loss of the first hole, arrival more than 10 minutes late results in the loss of the respective match (margin = 5 & 4).


 All Captains and host clubs are to have on hand the universal match play index and be aware of its application according to the tee played from.  Please inform your players how to apply where / when they give / get their handicap strokes.  This is the biggest cause of slowing / delaying tee off times!!


Results sheets must be promptly completed at the end of play and submitted to the host club starter, who in turn will provide the originals to a GCV Pennant match committee member and send a scanned or clear photocopy to the GCV Golf Operations Manager (Jamie Ward) at:



GCV will not be collating or awarding any POTY medals in 2024.  Each individual club at their discretion is welcome to acknowledge their respective player’s achievements should they see fit.


The following heat policy has been implemented by the GCV Pennant Match Committee:

“If at 6.00pm the day before play the BOM indicates the temperature at BENDIGO is forecast to reach or exceed 40 degrees at midday the following day, all play for that day must be abandoned.

Should a day of CODE RED (Catastrophic) fire danger be declared in ANY fire district within the boundaries of GCV on the day of play, all play will be abandoned regardless of temperature.”

The GCV Pennant Match Committee will advise all participating clubs in the event of heat, fire danger or other weather event(s) preventing or discontinuing play as soon as possible.


Copies of full Conditions of Play for Sunday Pennant will be distributed to clubs shortly and uploaded to the GCV web page www.golfcentralvictoria.com.au


There have been some enquiries with respect to Monday GCV Pennant.  It is envisaged this competition can commence after Easter.

At present I have received input from only one participant and one other volunteer to assist in the administration of Monday pennant.  These members are currently form Belvoir Park and Neangar Park.  This is however insufficient to run the competition.

Unless at least two (2) further volunteers put up their hand to be part of the Monday GCV Pennant Match Committee prior to Wednesday February 21st this competition will not be held.      

Any volunteers should contact myself should they wish to assist.  The same goes for anyone who wishes to assist with Sunday pennant as we move forward.

2023 District Championships

Please consider entering these events.

Sandgreen Championships have not been held for a number of years.

A great opportunity to meet and socialise with other district players.

A warm-up for Country Week!

Sandgreen Championships Flyer 2023

District Championship Flyer 2023

New era for Golf Central Victoria

Last Monday, Golf Central Victoria held a Special Meeting of the Membership to discuss the future of the District.

The District due to unfortunate circumstances had been operating unconstitutionally for over twelve months.

The meeting was facilitated by Golf Australia representative, Mark Bamford, and was attended by most of the member Clubs (at least 16 of the 20 Clubs were in attendance or provided an apology).

The purpose of the meeting was to vote on a constitution change and to appoint a new committee to drive the District forward.

Following the successful vote to change the minimum number of members to sit on the Golf Central Victoria committee from nine (9) to six (6), a new Committee was elected in.

President – Lyn Harding (Bendigo) Treasurer – Anne Telford (Axedale) Secretary – Brock Rogers (Bendigo) Ordinary – Jenni Brown (Neangar Park) Ordinary – Jamie Ward (Neangar Park) Ordinary – Ben Furphy (Neangar Park) Ordinary – Lachie Wilson (Rochester)

The new Committee formally met last Wednesday to start mapping out a future direction for the District and to prioritise short and long term tasks and objectives.

Initially, the Committee will prioritize the conducting of the 2023 District Championships (Grass and Sand Championships in August) and coordinating of our teams for 2023 Country Week.

Whilst, new President Lyn Harding will commence a study tour around the District to meet all the clubs and their members.

Long term the Committee will work with Golf Australia on a vision and purpose for the District, whilst reviewing the current District model and constitution, and determine if the current model is the right model for the future.


In the meantime, new President, Lyn Harding has a very clear picture for the District.

“Let’s create healthy long-term sustainability clubs that in turn will create a healthy District, improve the value of golf in the region, and provide greater opportunities for people to be involved in the game of golf”, said President Harding.

Finally, the Golf Central Victoria committee would like to recognise and thank Tristen Wearne, Jenni Brown and Jamie Ward for their contribution and efforts of over the last twelve months to keep the District alive.

To contact the Golf Central Victoria committee, please email president@golfcentralvictoria.com.au.

Urgent District Business

To all GCV Clubs,

Please find attached important information with respect to a SPECIAL RESOLUTION sought to change the constitution of GCV.

The current situation is such that only three (3) members from the entire district are attached to the committee of GCV, with an Acting President, and no secretary, or treasurer formally appointed to critical positions.  Without urgent intervention the current committee members consider it necessary to call for this special resolution to not only be passed, but seek additional volunteers to assist in the operation of the district.

Should there be no response to this request, the members currently tasked in GCV roles will cease from planning of all activities with respect to District events.  These include district Championships, Country Week and other representative teams, and pennant.

Your clubs has a  responsibility with regards to being present at the forthcoming meeting and with respect to recruitment to ensure the continuation of Golf Central Victoria.  I urge you all to forward this email to all members, and actively seek out members who may be in a position to assist.   The GCV constitution specifies a minimum club turn out at a meeting of this nature.  Contact one of us if your club is having a difficulty being at the meeting.

All current members of GCV committee hold committee positions at their respective clubs and we are all of the opinion the work required at District level needs to be shared.  Three members is not enough to shoulder this load.

District commitments are much less than club commitments however we feel that without additional recruitment the required skills and commitment to deliver the best golfing product to your district are missing.

In the event that this meeting does not result in a positive outcome bear in mind that GCV may need to disband, resulting in your club needing to move to a neighbouring district (many who are facing the same difficulty).  We hope that your club recognises this situation, and can work with us to stabilise the current situation and work towards a positive future.


Tristen Wearne                Jenny Brown                     Jamie Ward


Special Resolution GCV 2023

Committee Nomination Form

Golf Central Victoria Proxy Vote

Monday Pennant Final Results and Winners

Heathcote Golf Club are to be congratulated on the presentation of their course and the excellent hospitality shown at the Golf Central Victoria Pennant finals on Sunday and Monday.

Monday’s Winners and Results

Division 1 – Neangar Park Golf Club

Division 2 – Heathcote Golf Club

Division 3 – Quarry Hill Golf Club.

Division 1 Player of the Year – Janelle Brown – Neangar Park Golf Club. (This was incorrectly announced on Monday.)

Division 2 Player of the Year – Mick Tobin – Heathcote Golf Club

Division 3 Player of the Year – Mavis Kiel – Marong Golf Club

Division 1 Undefeated for the season – Janelle Brown – Neangar Park Golf Club

Division 3 Undefeated for the season – Julie Leahy – Rochester Golf Club

(To qualify for these awards a player had to player at least 5 of the 6 rounds.)

Final ladders and results will be added by 9 am Tuesday morning.

The District thanks all players for their contribution to a successful season.

2023 Neangar final


Quarry Hill

POTY 2023 3.

Undefeated Players 2023



2023 GCV Sunday Pennant winners

Congratulations to the following winning teams today at Heathcote:

Division 1: Bendigo Blue defeated Belvoir Park 3/2

Division 2: Heathcote defeated Belvoir Park 4/1

Division 3: Bendigo Blue defeated Belvoir Park 5/0

Open Division: Castlemaine defeated Rochester 3/2

Other award winners announced at Heathcote today were:

Player of the Year:

Division 1                 Tristan Holmes (Belvoir Park)

Division 2                 Jesper Wallace (Heathcote)

Division 3                 Joy Kennedy (Axedale), Sean Middleton (Belvoir Park) – Joint winners

Open Division A      Haydn Fyffe (Belvoir Park)

Open Division B      Emma O’Connor (Axedale)

Undefeated player medals:

Division 1               Lloyd Needs (Bendigo)

Division 2               Travis Fitzpatrick (Axedale), Sam Whitfield (Heathcote)

Division 3               Tom Roberts (Belvoir Park), Doug Pratt (Bendigo)

2023 GCV Sunday Pennant Finals results (Heathcote)