Urgent District Business

To all GCV Clubs,

Please find attached important information with respect to a SPECIAL RESOLUTION sought to change the constitution of GCV.

The current situation is such that only three (3) members from the entire district are attached to the committee of GCV, with an Acting President, and no secretary, or treasurer formally appointed to critical positions.  Without urgent intervention the current committee members consider it necessary to call for this special resolution to not only be passed, but seek additional volunteers to assist in the operation of the district.

Should there be no response to this request, the members currently tasked in GCV roles will cease from planning of all activities with respect to District events.  These include district Championships, Country Week and other representative teams, and pennant.

Your clubs has a  responsibility with regards to being present at the forthcoming meeting and with respect to recruitment to ensure the continuation of Golf Central Victoria.  I urge you all to forward this email to all members, and actively seek out members who may be in a position to assist.   The GCV constitution specifies a minimum club turn out at a meeting of this nature.  Contact one of us if your club is having a difficulty being at the meeting.

All current members of GCV committee hold committee positions at their respective clubs and we are all of the opinion the work required at District level needs to be shared.  Three members is not enough to shoulder this load.

District commitments are much less than club commitments however we feel that without additional recruitment the required skills and commitment to deliver the best golfing product to your district are missing.

In the event that this meeting does not result in a positive outcome bear in mind that GCV may need to disband, resulting in your club needing to move to a neighbouring district (many who are facing the same difficulty).  We hope that your club recognises this situation, and can work with us to stabilise the current situation and work towards a positive future.


Tristen Wearne                Jenny Brown                     Jamie Ward


Special Resolution GCV 2023

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