Sunday Pennant results and ladders round 3

Another perfect day for golf at Axedale, Castlemaine and Quarry Hill. Most teams in all divisions can still make the final, so next week should be very interesting.

Winning teams this week:

Division 1 – Neangar Park Green, Axedale and Belvoir Park

Division 2 – Bendigo, Axedale and Heathcote

Division 3 – Kyneton, Bendigo Blue and a draw between Axedale and Bendigo Blue

Open Division 1 – Rochester, Belvoir Park and Castlemaine

Open Division 2 – Heathcote, Mitiamo and a draw between Neangar Park Green and Axedale

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 3 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 3 2024