New era for Golf Central Victoria

Last Monday, Golf Central Victoria held a Special Meeting of the Membership to discuss the future of the District.

The District due to unfortunate circumstances had been operating unconstitutionally for over twelve months.

The meeting was facilitated by Golf Australia representative, Mark Bamford, and was attended by most of the member Clubs (at least 16 of the 20 Clubs were in attendance or provided an apology).

The purpose of the meeting was to vote on a constitution change and to appoint a new committee to drive the District forward.

Following the successful vote to change the minimum number of members to sit on the Golf Central Victoria committee from nine (9) to six (6), a new Committee was elected in.

President – Lyn Harding (Bendigo) Treasurer – Anne Telford (Axedale) Secretary – Brock Rogers (Bendigo) Ordinary – Jenni Brown (Neangar Park) Ordinary – Jamie Ward (Neangar Park) Ordinary – Ben Furphy (Neangar Park) Ordinary – Lachie Wilson (Rochester)

The new Committee formally met last Wednesday to start mapping out a future direction for the District and to prioritise short and long term tasks and objectives.

Initially, the Committee will prioritize the conducting of the 2023 District Championships (Grass and Sand Championships in August) and coordinating of our teams for 2023 Country Week.

Whilst, new President Lyn Harding will commence a study tour around the District to meet all the clubs and their members.

Long term the Committee will work with Golf Australia on a vision and purpose for the District, whilst reviewing the current District model and constitution, and determine if the current model is the right model for the future.


In the meantime, new President, Lyn Harding has a very clear picture for the District.

“Let’s create healthy long-term sustainability clubs that in turn will create a healthy District, improve the value of golf in the region, and provide greater opportunities for people to be involved in the game of golf”, said President Harding.

Finally, the Golf Central Victoria committee would like to recognise and thank Tristen Wearne, Jenni Brown and Jamie Ward for their contribution and efforts of over the last twelve months to keep the District alive.

To contact the Golf Central Victoria committee, please email