GCV Sunday Pennant results round 4 2024

Round 4 of Sunday Pennant was completed last Sunday at Heathcote, Axedale and Neangar Park. Thanks again to these host clubs and congratulations to the following winning teams:

Division 1 – Neangar Park Green, Belvoir Park and Castlemaine

Division 2 – Heathcote and Kyneton, whilst Belvoir Park and Bendigo had a draw

Division 3 – Bendigo White, Bendigo Blue and Axedale

Open division 1 – Marong, Castlemaine and Belvoir Park

Open division 2 – Axedale, Heathcote and Neangar Park Green

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 4 2024

The ladders will be published in the day or two.

Please note that there is now a 2-week hiatus before the 5th and final round on March 17th and then the finals on March 24th.