GCV Sunday Pennant results – Round 1

GCV Sunday Pennant got under way yesterday under perfect conditions at Neangar Park (Division 1 and 2), Axedale (Division 3) and Heathcote (Open A and Open B divisions).


Division 1

Neangar Park Gold defeated Neangar Park Green 3/2

Castlemaine defeated Bendigo 3/2

Axedale BYE

Division 2

Bendigo White defeated Belvoir Park 4/1

Neangar Park defeated Axedale 4/1

Bendigo Blue defeated Castlemaine 5/0 (Walkover)

Division 3

Castlemaine v Neangar Park TBA

Axedale defeated Bendigo White 4/1

Bendigo Blue defeated Belvoir Park 3/2

Open Division A

Axedale defeated Bendigo Blue 3/2

Castlemaine defeated Kyneton 3/2

Neangar Park Gold defeated Rochester 4/1

Open Division B

Bendigo White defeated Marong 4/1

Heathcote defeated Belvoir Park 3/2

Bendigo Red defeated Neangar Park 4/1

20220320 Sunday Pennant Results Sheets round 1