GCV Sunday Pennant results and ladders round 5

The round robin roster is over, and the finalists have been decided. Thanks to the host clubs this week, Neangar Park, Belvoir Park and Heathcote and all other clubs that have hosted during the season.

Congratulations to the finalists and here are tee times for next Sunday:

Division 1 – 1st tee at 9,20 am Neangar Park Green v Axedale

Division 2 – 10th tee at 8.20  Heathcote v Belvoir Park

Division 3 – 1st tee at 8.40 am Bendigo Blue v Bendigo White

Open Division 1 – 1st tee at 8.00 am Castlemaine v Belvoir Park

Open Division 2 – 10th tee at 9.00 am Heathcote v Mitiamo

Click on the links below for round 5 results and final ladders:

GCV Sunday Pennant results round 5 2024

GCV Sunday Pennant ladder after round 5 2024