GCV Sunday Pennant Fixtures for 2023

The GCV Sunday Pennant Match Committee has completed the draw for the 2023 Sunday Pennant season which will kick off this Sunday with Division1 and 2 at Heathcote and Division 3 and Open divisions at Axedale.

2023 GCV Sunday Pennant final draw (2)

Clubs have entered 6 teams in Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3, however the Open Division has had a great response with 10 teams entering. Because of the size of this division and the fact that Pennant only has 5 weeks for preliminary rounds, the Match Committee decided to split Open division into 2 groups of 5 teams. That does mean there will be a bye each week and at the end of the roster rounds, the top team in Open A and Open B will play off for the Pennant.

One of the main problems encountered in previous years has been backlogs created as matches caught up to other divisions or other matches. To try and avoid this the committee has decided to commence all matches from either the 1st or 10th tee and spread-out tee times a little further. When you check the fixture, you will see that each contest in each division has been allocated a separate starting time, so please make sure you are aware of this. In addition, to avoid issues with lack of daylight later in the season, the first tee time has been brought forward to 11.30am.

We look forward to having a great season and the Match Committee will endeavour to post results on the GCV website on Sunday evenings, so that you can see how other teams and divisions have gone for the day.

GCV Sunday Pennant Match Committee:

Jamie Ward, Mick Taylor, Mark Perry, Mark Smith