GCV Events Suspended Until Further Notice!

GCV has decided to follow Golf Australia’s advice and has suspended all GCV events, such as Men’s and Women’s pennant and District Championships, until further notice. GCV encourages our 21 member club’s to also consider Golf Australia’s advice and suspend “open” club tournaments and any events that are highly frequented by visitors from other communities. Golf Australia’s advice is that golf clubs should continue to play regular competitions and social golf in accordance with the safety measures outlined by the Australian Government. This advice may change, so please keep an eye of Golf Australia’s website at www.golf.org.au .

Our club’s are encouraged to use the entriesgcv@gmail.com email to alert us of any changes to events, cancellations and proposed revised dates. We understand that this is an unprecedented event and there will be significant disruption to our club’s. Please contact us if you have any issues.