2023 GCV Sunday Pennant winners

Congratulations to the following winning teams today at Heathcote:

Division 1: Bendigo Blue defeated Belvoir Park 3/2

Division 2: Heathcote defeated Belvoir Park 4/1

Division 3: Bendigo Blue defeated Belvoir Park 5/0

Open Division: Castlemaine defeated Rochester 3/2

Other award winners announced at Heathcote today were:

Player of the Year:

Division 1                 Tristan Holmes (Belvoir Park)

Division 2                 Jesper Wallace (Heathcote)

Division 3                 Joy Kennedy (Axedale), Sean Middleton (Belvoir Park) – Joint winners

Open Division A      Haydn Fyffe (Belvoir Park)

Open Division B      Emma O’Connor (Axedale)

Undefeated player medals:

Division 1               Lloyd Needs (Bendigo)

Division 2               Travis Fitzpatrick (Axedale), Sam Whitfield (Heathcote)

Division 3               Tom Roberts (Belvoir Park), Doug Pratt (Bendigo)

2023 GCV Sunday Pennant Finals results (Heathcote)